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Are you searching for professional fireplace installation in the Thorne area?
Look no further than Fireplaces Thorne, we are the best retailer in the area for top-of-the-range fireplaces. With our safety-first approach to every install we do, you can be left feeling safe and warm in front of your new bespoke fireplace brought to you by Fireplaces Thorne.

Styles Of Fireplaces Thorne

With an array of styles and function types to choose from whether you want to sit by the crackle of a wood-burning fireplace or have the contemporary styles of a chrome electric fireplace. We can provide many styles to suit you and your unique home. However, choosing the right style to suit you isn’t easy, that’s why our competent sales team is on hand to give you the best advice when choosing your fireplace.

How much does each Fireplace style cost in Thorne?

To get a bespoke fireplace fitted in your home and an accurate quoatation, we require the accuarte specifications we need to meet when providing you with a completely custom fireplace, although off the shelf fireplaces are a cheaper option, they don’t provide that bespoke, truly unique and homely feel you get with custom fireplaces.
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Save money by comparing fireplaces prices in Thorne

Style and materials can be major factors impacting the price of your new fireplace but to help keep your cost down we recommend comparing prices across the market. That’s why here at Fireplaces Thorne we like to provide a no-obligation-free quote so you can be sure you’re getting the best results when shopping around.

Thorne Fireplace inquiries & replated services

Here at Fireplaces Thorne, we are adept at providing bespoke fireplaces at the highest quality. Our fireplaces are manufactured to exact regulations and are supplied in a great variety of styles. With a 12 month guarantee as standard with all our products, you can be assured, that you’ll be sitting in front of your dream fireplace in no time.

Benefiting from our fireplace expertise

Fireplaces Thorne specializes in bringing you bespoke fireplaces at local prices. With our experienced and certified support team, we can deliver the best in customer care. Creating a name for ourselves that truly encompasses the meaning of local.